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Tyga – Vacation

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Tyga Vacation Mp3 Download

Tyga Vacation Mp3 Download

Download Tyga Vacation Mp3. Tyga Gives Us All A “Vacation” With New Single

With everything that’s been happening across the nation, some people are looking for a break, wishing they could just fly to a resort and forget about everything. Tyga knows what that feels like and he’s bringing some fun vibes back to the table.

“Vacation” is anything but a protest anthem. Many of our favorite artists have been dropping music about the protests. Tyga knows that it would come across as ingenuine if he attempted that, so he’s returning with summer-filled vibes for the people that just want to take off for a minute.

As of this publication, the song is currently only out in select international markets. You can expect it to drop at midnight wherever you are though.

Quotable Lyrics:

Bitch, why you keep on calling me?
Blowing my phone, it’s on vibration
I’ve been going so hard, party like a rockstar
I need a vacation
Sitting at the top, n***as wanna take shots
They just want my situation
I need a vacation, n***as wanna test my patience

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