We got London on da Track
Kido, Kido
Kido on the beat, better run it back
See she?lookin??through my eyes?and she seen designers
Gucci, Dolce and?Gabanna (Dolce and Gabanna)
Dolce and Gabanna (Dolce and Gabanna)
Said see she lookin? through my eyes and she seen designers
Ayy, Dolce and Gabanna (Dolce and Gabanna)
Got me goin? bananas (Goin? bananas)
Ayy, pass me the coke, pass me the dro
Pass me the ting wit? it, make me go
Pass me the codeine, make me slow
Pass me the popo, dey it go
When I?m lookin? through your eyes, all I see is your waist
Through that African waist
And I don?t got no time to waste
Know they make me the chase
You know time is of the essence
Come and give me blessings
Let it rain down on me
We got no