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Russ – Take You Back Ft Kehlani [VIDEO]

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Russ Take You Back Ft Kehlani Mp4 Video Download

Download Russ Take You Back Ft Kehlani Mp4. Russ & Kehlani Get Together For “Take You Back” Video

The rapper unveiled a new video for his collaboration with Kehlani from last month, calling it “one of my favorite songs ever.”

Whether you like Russ’ music or not, you have to give credit to his willingness to step out of his comfort zone sonically with different beats that he cooks up himself. 

It’s definitely a bit of a departure from his usual sound, swapping out his bar-ready productions for a more subdued acoustic-driven ballad.

The video is simple but effective, translating the theme of the duet into visuals with Russ and Kehlani standing on the balconies of opposite buildings as they plead to one another to fix their relationship. 

The two finally reconcile, looking longingly into each other’s eyes as their hands touch. Finally together again, they look out over the city sky as the skyline implodes and collapses into itself.

The video is directed by the rapper’s go to videographer Edgar Esteves and has already garnered over 50,000 views despite being released only an hour ago. 

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