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Nicki Minaj’s Net Worth Rises To $100 Million

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Nicki Minaj’s Net Worth Rises To $100 Million

Nicki Minaj’s Net Worth Rises To $100 Million

Efforts launched by Nicki Minaj‘s rivals to convince the general public that her “bag was low” have been thwarted by news that her net worth now sits at the $100 million mark.

Net worth is the measure of the wealth of an entity, person, or corporation, as well as sectors and countries. Simply, net worth is defined as the difference between assets and liabilities. It is an important metric to gauge a company’s health and it provides a snapshot of the firm’s current financial position.

Revenue generated by sales of the rapper’s music, merchandise, endorsement deals and affiliated goods and services saw her become one of the highest-earning musicians in Popular music and the highest-earning female rapper of all time less than a decade into her run.

This week, that fortune finally sings (or spits) to the tune of 100 million dollars.

Young Money, the company which houses most of the rapper’s art, made the announcement.

With this figure, she eclipses the collective net worth of all of her closest Rap contemporaries and casts an electric pink shadow over earnings made a number of Pop peers.


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