Kevin Gates – Luv Bug

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Kevin Gates – Luv Bug

Kevin Gates - Luv Bug

Kevin Gates is back in the cut, and delivers one of the dirtiest songs (of the year?) with “Luv Bug.”

Ahead of Only the Generals Gon Understand, we had received a few loose drops from Gates, two of which make an appearance on the EP, “Big Gangsta” and “Yukatan.” In addition, though, we get four more fire records. In true Gates fashion, the records are hard-hitting, gritty, and they’re mostly about his past life in the streets, and how that affects him currently, as well as his sexual exploits. “Luv Bug” falls into the latter category; astoundingly so.

Quotable Lyrics

My grill be glistening, mind blowing
She suckin’ that dick while that iron on me
She put her vagina on top my mouth
On my hairline and ride for me
I’m makin’ her squirt, she piss in my face
I’m grippin’ her thighs, she grind for me
I spit in her mouth, she mix it with hers
Then spit it back up on the tip


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