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Lady Gaga Postpones Chromatica Album

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Lady Gaga Postpones Chromatica Album

Lady Gaga Postpones Chromatica Album

Lady Gaga is the latest star to have their plans rocked by the present pandemic.

Mother Monster was on-course to release sixth album ‘Chromatica’ on April 10th.

However, with much of the music and entertainment industries at large on lockdown, she’s made the decision to delay the hotly anticipated project.

Her full statement below…

Speaking in a frank manner, the  Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe winner unpacked the reasons behind the decision, also sharing that a secret Coachella set was planned too before chaos ensued:


For an artist and project this big, it’s vital that the roll-out is spot on. A reality that just wouldn’t be possible given the current circumstances.

Here’s hoping a new date arrives soon, one which affords her the ability to go all-out in the manner that seemed to be in the works before the world was forced to stand still.

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