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Joyner Lucas – Revenge [VIDEO]

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Joyner Lucas Revenge Mp4 Video Download

Joyner Lucas Revenge Mp4 Video Download

Download Joyner Lucas Revenge Mp4. Joyner Lucas Is A Master Of Disguise In Epic “Revenge” Visuals. The video features an epic narrative to rival its near-ten-minute runtime. Budget is at an all-time high as a heist goes awry over an unexpected betrayal, one that sends Lucas spiraling on a years-long quest for vengeance.

While his friend-turned-foe reaped the spoils of blood-stained riches, Lucas honed his trade as a master of disguise. Channeling some pure Agent 47of Hitman fame, Lucas infiltrates the compound under the innocuous guise of a pizza delivery man. Only rather than steaming hot deliciousness, this delivery man is carrying nothing but a bloodthirsty vendetta. The plot only descends further into madness as Lucas sinks deeper into his vengeful persona: half angel of death, half Mr. Dressup. 


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