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Jhene Aiko – 10k Hours Feat. Nas

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Jhene Aiko 10k Hours Feat. Nas Mp3 Download

Jhene Aiko 10k Hours Feat. Nas Mp3 Download

Download Jhene Aiko 10k Hours Feat. Nas Mp3. Jhené Aiko & Nas Reminisce On A Love That Once Was On “10k Hours”

Songbird Jhené Aiko has dropped off her melodic, R&B-hip hop album Chilombo. The Los Angeles singer’s 20-track project is said to be like a journey as she told Billboard,  “In a sense, I am like a volcano, and this album is an eruption. It starts with ‘Triggered,’ and there’s a lava flow with all these songs where it’s a free-flowing jam session. And then it settled — and it became this beautiful land where there’s new life.”

Nas touched down on Chilombo and dropped a few bars for Jhené’s “missing you” track “10k Hours.”

Quotable Lyrics

Cooled and flipped it, reminiscing bad times with good people’s terrific
Beautifully different ’cause we still kick it
You said we can’t be intimate, you said we can’t go there
If this thing is going nowhere, it’s so weird
Now it’s cold, thought I had control, thought I took your soul
Nah, I took your mind, engraved my name
You told me that my mind is your favorite place to hang
Ten thousand hours turned to ten thousand bridal flowers
What was mine is ours


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