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G-Eazy – Nostalgia Cycle

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G-Eazy Nostalgia Cycle Mp3 & Mp4 Video Download

G-Eazy Nostalgia Cycle Mp3 & Mp4 Video Download

Download G-Eazy Nostalgia Cycle Mp3 & Mp4. G-Eazy Drops Off New Single “Nostalgia Cycle”

While many have come to associate G-Eazy with his effortless brand of cavalier hip-hop, it would appear that young Gerald is undergoing an artistic metamorphosis before our very eyes. In fact, he appears to be evolving into a new life-form altogether — G-Indie, prone to fits of wispy crooning and the inability to not play an idle guitar. With his upcoming album Everything Strange Here set to be a full embrace of that particular style, G-Eazy has dropped off a brand new single called “Nostalgia Cycle,” which finds him flexing his vocal chops over some pop-friendly production.


I miss the way I felt when I had no regrets
Before I lost myself in so much random sex
I’m sleepin’ with strangers, ignorin’ the dangers

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