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Doja Cat – Unisex Freestyle

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Doja Cat Unisex Freestyle Mp3 Download

Doja Cat Unisex Freestyle Mp3 Download

Download Doja Cat Unisex Freestyle Mp3. Doja Cat Returns With “Unisex Freestyle”

Doja has been going through it a bit, in terms of her public appearance and perception, after she was on the receiving end of an attempt to cancel her career. Briefly, some old videos of Doja were unearthed, which purported to show her engaging in anti-Black views with alt-right men, among other things. She has since issued an apology and addressed the controversies in a tearful video, before taking somewhat of a social media hiatus. Her last tweet on twitter, up until today, actually alludes to her career implosion, “It doesn’t matter how much time or effort you devote to something because eventually it will be destroyed,” she wrote.

However now she appears to be getting back into the swing of things. And with that, we’ve received a new song titled “Unisex Freestyle.” In releasing the song, Doja wrote “I made some more horny shit check it out.” 

Quotable Lyrics

You a corn on the cob, I’ma unicorn
They all bump it in their rides, had to toot my horn
Had to do a lil something I ain’t do before
Had to switch up on the ride, turn the roof to doors
Make em feel some butterflies when I zoom the Porsche
Had to cop a couple of bags, needed two of course

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